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Variation of Interior (2017) commission

Première | 5 October 2017 | Ciało/Umysł Festival | Warsaw, Poland

This solo is an experiment in real-time; an inhabitation of constructed space; a formalised distance that aims to create greater intimacy.

choreography & performance: Lior Lazarof

partner in creation: Attila Andrási

general advisors: Rafał Dziemidok, Péter Petra

production manager: Janka Vámos/ SÍN Arts and Culture Centre

co-organizers: SÍN Arts and Culture Centre in Budapest,  Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art

supporters: SÍN Culture Centre, Fundacija cialo/umsyl, Warsaw Balassi Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungarian Cultural Year In Poland 2016/17, Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski, Workshop Foundation, L1 Association, EMMI

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