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I saw a fish in the river (it had some of you in it) 2016

Premiere | 13 January 2017 | The International Dance Festival SzólóDuó | Budapest, Hungary

The abstract world created in the dance parallels reality through the physical and spiritual self-revelation. The audience is to be lured into a grey zone, where the image overwrites the presence. The continuous and fluid movement creates a trance sensation that opens the gates for the dancers subconscious. The dancers appear as fish in the river, or the river itself, change their relations in space moving from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. What happens in the point the two rivers meet, do they become one and flow together? Two dancers, two rivers, find their internal tangled history. Leaping between heavenly and earthly qualities they find their self made victory into reality

concept, choreography: Lior Lazarof

dance, interpretation: Tímea Laza, Sharon Barbakov

original music: Ádám Márton Horváth 

additional cast: Grégory Chevalier, Emese Kovács

supported by: Life Long Burning, Ultima Vez, L1 Association, EMMI, IKI

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