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Guerrilla Project 2023 

Guerrilla Project is a dance performance for the public space, which combines the beauty of everyday movements and the energy of public spaces. This piece challenges traditional ideas of dance by using everyday movements and presenting them in space in unexpected ways. The intervention takes place in lively public spaces between city squares, with the aim of changing the boundaries of dance and bringing art to the general public.

concept & choreography: Lior Lazarof

performance: Gil Amishai, Michael Yalon, Omer Kachlon, Sharon Barbakov, Sharon Valevski, Itamar Bar, Gal Bentov, Gali Martis, Patrick Dahan, Hilla Regev, Ninwe Moshe, Lila Rouge, Shoval Biton, Inbar Tanzer

supporters: The Israeli Choreographers Association, Tel Aviv Culture Department, The People

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