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Until the end of times (2023) commission

Première | 30 July 2023 | Usine C | Marrieta Campus, Georgia


The dancers are a reflection of each other, once down, once up, sometimes we want what the other has, sometimes we look and want to lift the other person from where they are. The result is always failure, at the end we are always alone, with our everything and with our nothingness.

choreography: Lior Lazarof

music composer: Elad Cohen Bonen

dancers: McKaylah Bristow, Gabi Chauta, Maya Dubuc, Sean Kimbrough, Cheyenne Massengill, Lauren Oblitey, Sydnee Patten, Sabastian Wilson, Amie Wyatt 

costume Design: Jill Peterson

lighting and Scenic Design: Colby Nordberg

production Manager: David J Tatu

supporters: Israeli consulate in Atlanta, The Israeli Choreographers Association.

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