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Chapter A - 2023

Chapter A, is a project inspired by David Grossman's book "Falling Out of Time." The book deals with parents who have lost their children and embark on a journey challenging the boundary between here and there, between life and death.

performers: Or Sassi, Lior Lazarof

choreography: Lior Lazarof with Or Sassi

rehearsal manager and dramaturgy: Michael Yalon 

music: Elad Cohen Bonen

supporters: The Israeli Choreographers Association, Nave Sharet Dance Studio CNS, The People

photography: Alma Givoni 

video: Daniel Pakes

thanks to Noga Harnof, Erez Lazarof, Gili Merenfeld

supporters: The Israeli Choreographers Association, Rabinovich Foundation, The People, Dance Studio CNS

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