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Léxico Art&Tech Residences

From January to the Premiere at the end of April, Léxico crew was lucky to travel to Athens and to different locations in Spain in order to develop To Be Announced, a co-creation by us.

Kinitiras at Spain hosted us beautifully, for 2 weeks, we had such an amazing time stuffing our faces with halumi cheese.

March and April had us traveling between Tapas restaurants in Catolonia; Barceloneta and La Caldera in Barcelona, Teatre Auditori in Llinars del Vallès, Vale Decans.

Making To Be Announced was a long journey that had pushed us all to our limits. 4 dance artists from different countries, speaking different languages, with different working/creating technics was a challenge to us all. More than that, it was a refreshing, binding, thrilling, and stirring experience. It had touched all of us in many ways, emotionally, and brought up many artistic question regarding the process as working horizontally and co-signing the artistic decisions. Finally I can say that this road I chose to take 2 years ago, had made me learn so much about my self as a choreographer and as a collaboration artist.

photo by Tristan Perez Martin

photo by Tristan Perez Martin

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