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Halved Process Reflections

Halved was a super fast rollercoaster! together with the 4 super dancers Mate, Emese, Zita and Csenger, I created a full evening dance pice for 5 dancers. The process was interesting jumping between sounds, movement, desires and needs we tried to look into ourselves and share our stories in their different layers. For me, the process of getting to know the dancers more, through their own stories, movement and choices taken in the studio, was the most fulfilling part.

We performed Halved in Bethlen Theater thanks to a new program called ambicio. To be honest, interacting in Hungary with out understanding Hungarian isn't the easiest task, but luckily I am surrounded by such kind people that are always patient for the situation. It was wonderful to know that there are many generous people that will be willing to support my work in different ways, coming in to the studio creating a trailer for us, taking photos and giving feedbacks throughout the process.

Even though the premier had already happened, I feel the Halved, still has a way to go and a road to travel. A bit like in every piece I create, I am open to let the living moment enter into the piece and create its natural shifts in the work.

During our rehearsals we had 5 photographers taking photos, and in the general rehearsal we almost had a full house just of photographers!

Choosing which photos to share on my social networks became very difficult!

here is one I really liked ->>>

photo by Eitan Zelwer

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